Artisan Gate Theater

A Positive Place for the Arts

Our primary vision for Artisan Gate is to create a space for community to thrive. That’s why we set out to open this space up as a venue, where musicians and music listeners can all come together and enjoy the art in an intimate setting.

We strive to be a light for our community, to spread the gospel through our actions, and be a positive force to the world around us.

An Inviting Atmosphere for Everyone

Having a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for both the listener and artist is a high priority, and we strive to do that at Artisan Gate Theater.

For the listener, you’ll experience a very close-up concert in our rather small auditorium that seats between 80 and 100 people. At the same time, make sure each and every artist knows how important they are to the music culture here and how much we care.

Diversity in Genres

You’ll notice our concerts are very diverse in genre. That’s good!

We want to invite all styles of artists to come and share, so long as the message of the music is family-friendly in nature. Bluegrass, blues, rap, singer/songwriter acoustic, worship… You never know who’s playing at the gate!

Be sure to signup for our upcoming concert alert list to stay in tune with who’s playing.

Want to get on the stage?

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Have a play that needs to be seen?

Artisan Gate is a stage for all types of performances.

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