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What is Scarlet Thread?

Scarlet Thread Ministries exists to meet the spiritual, social and physical needs of middle and high school youth throughout Wayne County, New York.

Meaningful connections with youth are made in after-school youth centers and through purposeful events and service projects. Our desire is to help teens make a lifelong connection with Christ and with the local Church. From tutoring, to Bible studies, to recreation and regional events, we are committed to demonstrating Christ’s love as we meet youth where they are.

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Scarlet Thread Ministries
32 Mill Street
Sodus, New York 14551

Phone: 315-294-3669

Email: info@scarletthread.org

Our Staff

Don DiCrasto, Executive Director, Artisan Gate Director
Brian Wagner, Assistant Director, Bookkeeper
Lisa Cook, Office Manager
315-294-3669 or info@scarletthread.org
Hannah Ferland, Ministry Site Director
Adam Jaquith, Ministry Site Director

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